Felow deer, Sika deer and Red stag hunting

Hunts for Trophies of red stag hunting, fallow deer, sika deer, Mufflon or roe deer

Flagge Deutschland Many hunters dream to shoot at least once in their life a big red stag or other deer. Most think of Hungary, Poland or other countries in Eastern part of Europe but we can also offer good deer hunting in Germany. Independently if you are just looking for a average trophy, a 10 kg or more trophy or if you want to complete your SCI awards for deers of the world or animals of europe we can help you. We offer the hunting in a very nice area in the bavarian forest.

Hunting area
We offer the hunting in a natural and fenced (about 80ha) biotop which is ideal living area for Red stag, fallow deer, sika deer and mufflon which consists mainly of forest with some fields and gras on the border. Beside the deers inside this area we can also offer free range wild boar and roedeer hunting in a hunting area next to the main deer area.

Sika deer hunt fallow deer hunt

Hunting approach
The hunting is normally done from high seats in the hunting area which are located on the border of the teritory. Each hunter will be guided by a guide who will check the game if it fits to the before agreed class before he allows the shot. Thanks to this hunting method on the border the core of the area is calm so that the deers have low hunting pressure. Hunting for wild boar can also be done without guiding in case th hunter has an accepted hunting license for Germany.

The accomodation is in a nicely located pension which offers also a restaurant in which you can take your meals and enjoy the bavarian dinners. The landscape of the bavarian forest makes this a perfect holiday not only for hunting but also for sightseeing like the glass villages or just to have a walk in the forest or to the nearby river Donau.

Zimmer Frhstck

Die Chance to get the game is very high but also it is fenced due to the big area it cannot be 100% guaranteed also we will do all to get you shot your booked redstag or other deer.

For an offer or more information on the hunting or the area please contact us via email:jagdreisen-fabrig@gmx.de or use the contact form.

Hunting pricelist

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Current offers

(hunting season until 31.January)

3 days accomodation with breakfast and dinner + Mufflon with about 50 cm

price complete incl. Guiding, game and accomodation: 990 Eur
red stag hunting 3 days accomodation with breakfast and dinner + red stag with 5kg trophy

price complete incl. Guiding, red stag with up to 5kg trophy and accomodation: 2490 Eur

fallow deer hunt

3 days fallow deer hunt incl. accomodation with breakfast and dinner

price complete incl. Guiding, fallow deer with up to 2,5kg trophy and accomodation: 1290 Eur