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Moose and Kariboujagd on horseback in the Yukon

Moose and Kariboujagd on horseback in the Yukon Wilderness hunt in the untouched nature of Canada’s northwest The Yukon became famous for the gold rush on the Klondike River (1896-1898), which was then hundreds of thousands from California and other regions to Canada to seek their luck in gold. Even today, there are many monuments […]

Canada Alberta – hunting in bear paradise

Canada Alberta – hunting in bear paradise Spring hunting with almost guaranteed success Canada is well known for its spring hunt on black bear. This widespread bear can be hunted throughout Canada. After chasing Blackbeard in British Columbia in the mountains, our group went to the prairie of Alberta in western Canada for this hunt. […]

Australia – Buffalo Hunt Down Under

Australia – Buffalo Hunt Down Under Water buffalo hunting in the Northern Territory Having already chased the Cape Buffalo in Africa, the next step for me was once to hunt a water buffalo in Australia. Both types of hunting are very similar because both the buffalo in Africa and Australia occur in open steppes / […]

Welcome to my hunting blog

Welcome to all hunters, hunters of domestic and international hunting With this blog I would like to offer a forum for the exchange between us hunters at home and abroad and at the same time try to share current developments and results of the hunts. For feedback on topics, which I should include here, I’m […]

Plainsgame hunting in Namibia

Plainsgame hunting in Namibia First experiences with the black continent Many think in Africa about war, crime, poaching and unstable conditions, which is supported in particular by the reports on TV. What is often overlooked is that Africa also has very stable regions and indescribable biodiversity of wild and plant species as well as diverse […]

Antelope Hunt in Namibia 2

Antelope Hunt in Namibia Virus Africanus It got me. Although I never wanted to believe it before, when other Africans told me about the symptom of the Africa virus, namely the unconditional will, after my first visit to the African continent, this Africa virus also attacked me. My experiences on my first trip to Namibia […]

Hunting for Muntjak and water turning in England

Hunting for Muntjak and water turning in England For vampire hunting to England When hunting in England, you immediately think of the capital bucks in the south of England. However, England also has other very interesting game species that can only be hunted here worldwide. These two exotics are the Muntjak and the Chinese Waterwave […]